Welcome to RiseAbove!

My name is Lynda Barber

I am a Singer-Songwriter, Entertainer, Writer, Storyteller, Wife, Mother, long-distance grandmother and traveller. I have a Bachelor of Ed and taught as a Music/Drama Specialist Teacher back in Australia my birthplace. I am married 13 years to a wonderful Canadian ( Lumberjack! ) well his nickname and business name is Beaver Tree Service after all!…… and we have a 10 year old Son. I have two adult children who are amazing and missed terribly along with seven grandchildren. 

I am new to the blogging world so please bear with me!  This blog is a collection of my life events, the painful struggles and life lessons of raising two children as a single parent for 12 years.

I pray this blog will bring hope, healing and freedom as I share faith filled insights that I learned through pain, tinged with some humour along the way!

I will be including self published poems, miracle stories that still surprise me to this day! Life Lessons all Biblically based.

I hope you will gain some hope, help and encouragement as we travel together on this journey of the past..present..future into eternity.

Coming soon!!…….will be a series of videos where I will offer a weekly prayer and  an encouraging word including my latest CD, Soar,downloadable for purchase.


Plus much more!!


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